Did Your Clients Behave This Year?

Of course they did! They deserve a unique gift this year. Maybe something else than the usual hamper? "Where Wild Orchids Grow" is the first book in the MARVELLOUS MALTA book series about the Maltese natural beauty that is all around us. The book is packed with large-format photographs by award-winning nature and wildlife photographer Johan Siggesson. In this book Johan will bring the stunning world of Malta's wild orchids right to the reader.

The Maltese environment has featured frequently in local media this year. This is your chance to gain more trust and interest from your clients by riding the wave, and at the same time do your part in raising awareness.

A great Christmas gift!

  • Yasmin
    It’s beauuuutiful. Thank you and well done!!!
  • Stephen
    The presentation, the layout, the photography is superlative and nature and photography lovers should seek to have this book in their library.
  • Norbert
    Thank you Johan. The book is absolutely beautiful!!
  • Jane
    Oh, my!!! I am blown away! What perfectly gorgeous images! But it’s not just the images….your text is wonderful. Congratulations on a masterpiece!! “Well done” doesn’t convey my dropped jaw and going through every page with wonder. Simply stunning!!!
  • Annalise
    I felt it is such a unique and beautiful homage to orchids in Malta - in a way they have never been seen before.
  • Walter
    Such an outstanding book, Johan, suggest anyone who has photography and wild orchids at heart to make sure to get a copy of this book. Well done to a great work of art.
  • Christine
    Already in our living room! Well done!
  • Oriana
    Local orchids celebrated in a beautiful book. A must have for both artists and naturalists.
  • Johann
    A new addition to my Melitensia thanks to Johan Siggesson for this fantastic book. A book really worth having.
  • Nadine
    Amazing book and photography well done. I love it!
  • Sarah
    The photos are spectacular!!! Really stunning.
  • Leslie
    Highly recommended. Places Maltese wild orchids on par with other world class biodiversity. Holding onto my copy with appreciation.
  • Benjamin
    A must-have for everyone in Malta and abroad who loves nature, wild flowers and photography and certainly a beautiful Christmas present.
  • Lara
    This book is a must-have not only for nature lovers but for everyone out there. It is truly a work of art that helps us appreciate the hidden gems of nature surrounding us.
  • Guido
    Wow, today I laid my hands on the recently published 176-page book titled 'Marvellous Malta, Where Wild Orchids Grow' by Johan Siggesson. This wonderful publication is a marriage between art and science, something nature photographers should strive for when they press their shutter button. An inspiration that deserves a place in every Melitensia library. Well done Johan.


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  • 176 Pages

  • 2200 Grams

  • 270mm x 340mm

  • Signed by Author

  • Numbered by Author

  • Limited Edition

  • 200gsm Italian art paper

  • 100 Photos

  • Free delivery

  • Free gift wrapping

  • Totally unique gift

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